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Love struck Hollywood

On Valentine’s Day Sneha May Francis does a cupid check on what makes certain couples tick

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
They are by far the most celebrated couple in Hollywood. Their controversial love story (which resulted in Brad leaving his lovely first wife Jennifer Aniston) and ever-increasing brood of children has been fodder for numerous media houses. In fact, it’s his ravishing boyish charm coupled with her mother-ly goodness that makes them so special. Their love story might have sparked off on the sets of Mr and Mrs Smith, yet there’s no sign of Jolie going the Mrs-Pitt way. Yet, these two have withstood the test of time and many a ‘love’ tattoo!

David and Victoria Beckham
He’s the pin-up boy of football and she’s a style icon-in-the-making. They each might not have a career to boost, with Victoria’s singing career ending, almost, as soon as it started and Beckham unable to bend a few rounds. But they have managed to strike it with the papps. Her tight-lipped poses and his charming smiles, with their three little boys, made for a perfectly happy family. Something rare in the celeb world! Despite Beckham’s famous wandering eye, these two have clung on to each other, with numerous tattoos thrown in.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Hollywood’s quintessential chocolate boy shocked the world when he pledged his love for Katie Holmes, after dating her for merely two months, at the Eiffel Tower (with a large solitaire for his lady). Many claimed this hasty love story wouldn’t last. A year later and a cute little angel in hand, the two tied the knot in a controversial Scientology ceremony in 2006, thus putting a tight hold on everyone’s lip. Despite numerous media attempts at spotting the cracks in their relationship, these two are still smiling wide!

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez
She’s been in and out of numerous relationships, some popular actors, while some unknown backstage dancers. And through them all, she’s paraded them for paparazzi profit. He’s a silent shy kind, keeping his personal life under wraps and letting his voice do the talking. They both had little common, except for their flourishing singing career. She married him, almost immediately after breaking off with Ben Affleck. Critics saw him as just ‘another’ man in JLo’s life. Speculations continue about whether there are cracks in their marriage, but four years and cutesy-little twins later, these two look very much in sync with one another.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
His would have been one of the most flourishing Hollywood careers, but he, in stead, got side-tracked by his affairs. There was a time when his cozy photographs with JLo were more in demand than his films. His diminishing acting career went down even lower after his unceremonious split with the singer. He, almost instantly, hooked up with Jennifer Garner on the sets of Daredevil. Theirs was the most lukewarm or rather most predictable Hollywood love story. Two little girls later, and a four-year-old marriage later, these two look extremely comfy.

Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith
It can’t get better than this. They make us want to be in love, all over again. These two powerful individuals admiringly complement each other. And it’s almost intoxicating to see them together. Completely content and happy, this is truly an unmovie-like love story. Their 11-year rock solid marriage and a strong growing career, makes them unique in Hollywood. Their 10-year-old son Jayden and eight-year-old daughter, Willow, completes the happy family portrait.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Millions sympathised with this lanky beauty when Tom Cruise decided to leave her. She was miserable in the beginning, but slowly, yet steadily, picked up the pieces and made a mark for herself in the industry. Along with her steady career came a prince charming - Keith Urban. And they have had shared one of the most sweet love stories in tinsel town.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette
They are one of the most rock solid couples in Hollywood. Nine years into their marriage and a cute daughter – Coco - later, they seem to be in a happy space. Despite being under the media microscope, simply because the papps couldn’t digest the fact that love stories do exist, these two have stood strong.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayor
Her ‘Cinderella’ love story came crashing when Brad decided to leave. Miserable at first, she slowly moved on. She dated many, but nothing materialised. In a way, people wished Jennifer would find her true love. John Mayor struck a few right notes and had the lady singing his tunes. Though thing concrete has come out of the relationship, we sure hope that this time, she’s found love.

Beyonce and JayZ
She is the voluptuous singing sensation, while he, the talented rap mogul. Their success musical story bordered on similar lines, both worked their way to the top with little or no industry backing. They came from modest backgrounds and weren’t swayed by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. They protected their love story from the glaring media eye. Their wedding was a private affair, with no media access. But insiders claim it was a white, fairytale-like wedding. They have their priorities right and look absolutely smitten by each other!

Published in e+, Gulf News, Dubai (Feb. 5, 2009 issue)

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