Tuesday, 18 August 2009

DVD reviews

Gran Torino
cast Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang, Aheny Her
director Clint Eastwood
genre action/drama
rating PG-15

Korean War veteran Walt Kowalski is a bitter man who leads a secluded life. His reclusive ways make him unpopular among his Hmong neighbours, immigrants from Southeast Asia. He is blinded by prejudice and snarls at his neighbours at any opportunity. The grumpy widower doesn’t share an amicable relationship with his family either. Walt’s unhappy world suddenly changes when he’s drawn into the life of his teenage neighbour Thao Vang Lor, who attempts to steal his car – a classic 1972 Gran Torino, a task ordered by a Hmong gang. Walt helps Lor shake off the clutches of the gang that tries to force the youngster onto the path of crime and violence. Helping the boy out wins over Walt’s neighbours, and he reluctantly gives up his isolated life and forms a unique bond with them. Walt soon finds his new position as the protector of the neighbourhood, safeguarding their lives from the local gangs. This is Clint Eastwood’s second directorial venture after Million Dollar Baby that sees him in the lead role. It’s a sensitive tale that will leave you touched.
Sneha May Francis

Wallace & Gromit – premium collection
voices Peter Sallis, Sarah Laborde, Anne Reid
director Nick Park
genre Animation
rating (G)

You’ll form an instant bond with these two clay creatures from the famous British animation series – the affable Wallace and his obedient dog Gromit.
Wallace is an enthusiastic inventor and he allows the intelligent Gromit to operate them. The inventions mostly turn out disastrous, but that never discourages Wallace from trying his hand at something new. Every morning Wallace is machine-fed his ‘well-done’ toast and is dressed in his regular brown pants and green sweater, while the quiet, geeky Gromit checks out the Evening Post! Besides machines, Wallace also has a weakness for cheese – particularly Wensleydale.
This 2-disc collection includes a host of short funny adventures like the award-winning The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave It also includes A Matter Of Loaf and Death, where Wallace’s heart skips a beat for a boisterous woman, much to the dismay of Gromit. Check out the feature on Wallace & Gromit.This is a perfect mood-elevator.

(Published in e+, Gulf News August 13th, 2009)

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