Wednesday, 2 September 2009

DVD reviews

Punisher – the war zone
cast Ray Stevenson, Dominic West, Colin Salmon, Doug Hutchison
director Lexi Alexander
genre Action
rating R

Like mindless comedy, there are mindless action flicks too, and this one fits the bill to a tee. Based on an American graphic novel, the director head butts with gory action sequences that would make anyone squirm in their seats.
In this hard-hitting sequel to The Punisher, Frank ‘Punisher’ Castle continues his war against crime. He battles the loss of his entire family by dedicating his life to keep criminals off the streets.
However, one gruesome battle finds Castle on the wrong side of the law when he kills an undercover FBI agent. The war also leaves gangster Billy Russoti brutally scarred, earning him the moniker of ‘Jigsaw’. While FBI agent Paul Budiansky joins NYPD’s Punisher Task Force to avenge his partner’s death, Jigsaw ropes in his psycho brother to take down our hero.
What follows is a deafening, fierce battle which leaves most men violently deformed. Your appetite for action flicks will surely take a knock after watching this bloody flick.
Sneha May Francis

Published in e+, Gulf News, 27.08.09

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