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Pamper Zone

Sneha May Francis tests four treatments that'll help you relax and feel rejuvenated

Natural Healing Wellness Spa, Al Wasl Road
What: Payot Deep Cleaning Facial The interiors of the spa can be a bit too brash; a tiny stream near the reception desk is a little over the top! But once you walk in, the rest of the area is tastefully decked out in cane.
I'm asked to fill the mandatory health form before being lead to a spacious, cane walled treatment room.
My therapist starts by cleaning my face with a cleansing milk and then massages an aromatic cream. Her hand movements relax my facial muscles. Next she smears a calming face mask. I'm asked to wait for the mask to set in, and I immediately tune in to the repetitive background instrumental score. However, my thoughts are disrupted when my therapist returns for my face clean up. She taps on a special skin toner for the eyes and leaves me alone to unwind. Unfortunately, the gap isn't long enough to steal a nap!
In any case, the treatment gave me a remarkable uplifting feel. My skin felt alive and refreshed, and genuinely soft. A cup of green tea later I was ready to take on the world!
Cost: Dh420 for a 90 min treatment
Contact: 04 348 3896
SensAsia Urban Spa, Palm Jumeriah
What: Asian Spirit MassageDriving to the magnificent Palm Jumeirah is almost always done to satisfy touristy needs, but mine was purely to indulge my skin. I was welcomed into a match-box sized reception where I was asked to complete the health form, before being guided to the artistically decorated treatment room. Before the massage, my therapist washed my feet in a large bowl filled with bath salts and petals floating in water. Truly royal!
As the soothing music played in the background, the masseuse rubbed aromatic oils, and kneaded her way through every muscle on my body, leaving me energised. The scent of the oils numbed my senses, and I dozed off! After the pampering session I was ushered to the blue relaxation room. Large ceiling lamps, blue lounge furniture and a wall decorated with green apples completed the decor. Fresh fruits, a hot bag for my neck and pipping hot tea helped me loosen up.
I was advised to leave the oil on for a few more hours, to enable it work its magic on my body. I must admit that it was so powerful that it left me fighting back sleep while driving home. I think it'd be wise to sneak in a power nap before heading out.
Cost: Dh295 for 60 minutes
Contact: 04 422 7115
Spadunya, JBR
What: Facial and back massageYour choice of colours help determine what therapy your body needs. Spa consultants at this JBR outlet will educate you about colour orientation and how it affects your body's wellness.
After you fill out your health history you are taken to a tiny consultation room where a lady expert will ask you to choose four colours from a pallete. And each time you pick one, she'll pick a fragrance bottle (of the same colour) and spray it on your palm and ask you to inhale the aroma, before explaining the impacts of that colour on your body. Towards the end, she chalks out a therapy plan that your body has chosen for you. The spa is so well colour co-ordinated that even the gowns come in different colours!
You are instructed to your assigned room where the therapist waits with a sheet detailing your therapy. The treatment begins with a relaxing back massage. The gentle hand movements and the aroma of the turquoise oil is sleep indusing! She then uses indigo oil for the facial massage. She works her magic on the neck, head and facial muscles. Once the massage is over, I'm lead to the rest area – a neat corner with books, neat lounge furniture, snacks and fresh juice. The oil left me feeling a bit slippery, but I was asked to leave it on for a couple of hours! Must say, a nice warm shower at home later my mind and body felt unclogged!
Cost: Dh550 for 90 minutes; you can avail a 30% discount on all treatments through the summer
Contact: 04 439 3669
Akaru Spa, The Aviation Club
What: Payot Body TreatmentNestled in the deep interiors of The Aviation Club, you're taken to the aesthetically designed spa on a cutesy buggy. Once in, the polite staff quickly checks you in and hands over a questionnaire that allows you to mark your preferences and health issues, if any. Interestingly there's even a slot to select your choice of music.
After the writing exercise you are escorted to the change room and then a quick meeting with your therapist later, you are taken to your appointed room. The lights are dim and the curtains drawn, setting the mood for the payot body treatment. My therapist starts out by polishing my body with a balm containing semi precious stones. The mix has energising powers, she tells me. After the scrubbing, she covers me in white mineral clay mixture and wraps me, like if I were a spring roll or something, in a tight plastic sheet. She leaves me to soak in the soothing effect of the body mask.
After about 10-15 minutes, I was sent for a shower. I came out feeling refreshed and my skin felt silky smooth.
My therapist finally kneads her way through my body with a precious energising oil. Her rhythmic hand movements soon put me to sleep! She woke me, long after the massage was over, and escorted me to the relaxing area for fresh juice and fruits. A tiny corner in the spa, cane lounge furniture and a wall of trickling water on one side set the mood to unwind. A snooze later,I was up, feeling refreshed and energised!
Cost: Dh395, the offer is valid till end of June
Contact: 04 282 8578
Spa treatments on offer at DSS
Dubai is rightly titled the spa capital of the Middle East, what with the highest concentration of spas in the emirate. This year, DSS brings a unique collaboration that puts on offer special spa packages and promotional prices that cover a wide range of spas in the city.
Till August 14, 34 spas will offer over 50 special DSS spa experiences. The featured treatments will draw on a wide range of therapeutic traditions like Ayurveda, Tai Chi, Aromatherapy, Oriental Hammam, traditional Swedish massage techniques and also include luxurious treatments like the Cleopatra Bath, a pampering floral milk bath, and the Royal Javanese Lulur Ritual, a skin softening treatment.
For more information call Ahlan Dubai on 600 54 5555 or visit

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